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Silver: Part 1 - Self Reflection

People of Inca believed that the “Gold” was the sweat of the Sun while the “Silver” is the tear of the moon. Aztecs used the Silver for its unique reflective nature. Imagining the Silver surface as a gateway to other dimensions, they perceived the material as an instrument enabling entry to the spiritual realm. “Argentum” the symbol for Silver, meaning “White” and/or “Shining” in Latin. But it has a way deeper meaning than that. Silver was first discovered around Mesopotamia (Ancient Turkey, a part of the infamous Fertile Crescent) around 5,000 years ago, way before the mankind learned to read! It is suggested that around %80 of heavy metals like Silver and Gold descended from outer space through occurrences of supernovae. Maybe the Incas were not so wrong with their vision. Being one of the extraterrestrial elements of beauty, Silver has numerous benefits, besides also being a great investment vehicle. 

Silver has been used mainly in jewellery and coinage around the known world across various cultures. With the exploitation of mines around 8 AD, Silver has replaced silk in China as the trade medium between merchants. The discovery of the New World has led Silver to become popular. Latin America has an extensive supply of Silver. Rio de La Plata (first sighted in 1516), the biggest river in the world, and the country we know as Argentina have their name derived from “Argentum”, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Ancient South American civilizations are known for their top quality silver craftsmanship. Still to this day, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Bolivia are among the biggest producers of Silver. 

Silver has had a wide range of usage since the early periods of human civilization. Silver crafts are used to purify water & wine while carrying for its great antibacterial characteristic, Silverware, a word that is derived from silver obviously, was common before and during medieval ages for that same reason, Silver forks and spoons do the same purification while eating, a great feature for those old anti-hygienic times. With the advancing technology, Silver later came to be discovered as a great immune system booster. Nowadays, Silver has a wide range of usage from bandages to anti-microbial creams to help the recovery process of wounds. Also, the daily consumption of Silver helps strengthen your immune system to prevent flu and cold. 

In Alchemy Moon represents the brain while the Sun represents the Heart. Though the sun is seen as the source of life, without our brain we wouldn’t have been able to find our paths in the darkness of the universe. 

The next part of the article will deeply focus on the value and investment potential of Silver!

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