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Greetings from Marde Crafts, the place where the stone is crafted into a charm! For 3 generations, our renowned family has been crafting precious, prestigious handmade goods. And now, with the growing and digitalizing world, as 3 descendants of the family, we have decided to take the next step and digitalize our business. This endeavour, being our family tradition is more than just a commercial matter but a passion. We hope the digital allows us to present our fame & legacy to overseas swiftly. Thus it is a very important mission of us to promote the cultural heritage & crafts of the east with the elegant design skills of the west. 

You may see our goal of combining both worlds even in our logo. Marde meaning “Mardin” (where we craft) in Syriac language, aims to represent the enhancive culture mosaic of the region. The logo is based on the “Kufic Script” combined with Helvetica, a sans-serif based geometric font. An iteration and evolution of Nabatean Text, Kufic Script derived from a combination of ancient middle eastern cultures’ alphabets. Among all calligraphic Arabic scripts, Kufic is the oldest one. It takes its name from Kufa, a center of the early-Islamic era, the place where caliph Ali passed away. The Kufic script has a wide range of application, specifically, Square Kufic script (complementary with our geometric font) has been used widely in architecture, art and crafts such as tiles, mosaic, doors, mihrabs, manuscripts, candelabras, swords & shields, and even in Seljuk and Ottoman coins!  

Our aforementioned crafts include tasbihs, rings, bracelets, necklaces & many more various artifacts made up from unique gemstones such as Amber, Turquoise, Topaz and many more of your choice! All precisely handcrafted by master craftsmen of Mesopotamian heritage with visionary initiatives of Italian Designers! We aim to bring you the mastery of eastern artisanship adjusted to the modern taste (and we aim to bring it in 2-4 days globally!).


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